After the last note, Plant said: "All you people that have come so far. Wednesday we got the news that Zep would be there Thursday for the soundcheck.. Bye John. Great rock song from Zep's new album and it's a shame they don't make 'em like this anymore. I was 3 weeks short of my 14th Birthday. Well now I know better but I can't say I'm much more mature!! Remember a fantastic atmosphere - impossible to walk anywhere, it was so tightly packed, and I trod on a huge Hell's Angel. comprehend. Unless of course Robert consents to hit the road again (PLEASE!!). I'm buying Mothership with the DVD's, just because. Last but by no means least Pagey and Peter Grant arrived in a helicopter. Such a memorable part of my life, except meeting Jimmy in a catering line at the Bellafield Festival when I was on tour with R.E.M. I remember Chas and Dave doing Rabbit, a bit of Fairport Convention and Todd Rundgren the Electric Banana. We spent the first part of the day getting blown about by various members of the Rock ensemble who kept dropping out of the sky by helicopter right next to us (one has to tolerate such things, doesn’t one). To be safe I had also applied by post for a ticket which when it came back was for the then announced second concert. Calmes notes: “At the same time as Knebworth, Showco was doing the Bee Gees’ Spirits Having Flown U.S. tour which had one of the first programmable digital sequencers to run the dancefloor stage. I was there and what I do remember was that prior to the song Robert Plant said that they were going to play 10 years gone even though they have been away for 11 years. I am sad that I will not be at the Dome in December, but hope that this time around there will be other nights: that this will not be a one-off show and more will follow; preferably in the north of England. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We followed the crowd (assumed they were going to concert). The journey on the train from London's Kings Cross station was memorable, as my cousin (Pete 17) and myself just 19 gasped at the number of fans gathering as we approached Stevange station. This poster advertised the second show and it has been reprinted many times but this is the original first-printing. Wearing (the magazine editor)) then you probably heard it regardless. I am of knowing where I am going. In 1979, veteran promoter Freddy Bannister booked Led Zeppelin to play that year's concerts, which took place on August 4th and 11th. We wondered thru the crowd to get up closer & met a guy with a press pass & asked him, if would get you some "Jack Daniels" could we get a pass! Forty years ago today, on August 11, 1979 Led Zeppelintook the stage at Knebworth for their second concert at the historic 1979 festival. Knebworth Festival Chas & Dave, Commander Cody, Led Zeppelin, The New Barbarians, The Marshall Tucker Band, Southside Johnny, Todd Rundgren 60,000 21. června 1980 Knebworth Festival Elkie Brooks, Lindisfarne, Mike Oldfield, The Beach Boys, The Blues Band, Santana: 45,000 15. června 1981 Capital Jazz Festival … A short Heartbreaker finishes the event. In the end I was slightly disappointed with the gig as I had had a private show 2 days earlier and there were, at the most, 30 people watching. Calmes explains: “It was actually Rusty who should be credited for designing the rotating laser pyramid effect over Jimmy Page as he slung his bow out across his Les Paul. PS And if Calvin happens to read this, find me on Facebook and remind who the other guy was that we went with. Hit the town centre as soon as we arrived, buying chow, smokes & booze then, picked a spot to bed down, crowds started to really swell and the vibe was unforgetable, really mellow & good, we went to a nearby wood & grabbed some branches, sticks ect & had a fire going & scored some rocky, remember some dudes from the US coming over with these huge demijohns of moonshine whisky that they shared for a few spliffs and as the night fell, there were bonfires blazing everywhere. The concerts — which also featured Fairport Convention, Keith Richards’ & Ron Wood’s The New Barbarians, Todd Rundgren, Commander Cody, Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes and the ever-so-slightly unsuitable Chas’n’Dave — were the last open-air events promoted at Knebworth by Frederick Bannister, who had presented festivals there since 1974. Makes me smile just to remember our ludicrous that all was. However, my most personal 'memory' was that as Robert Plant made his intros: my impression was that not only was he initially more than a bit nervous, which was frankly surprising, but it became evident as the night went on that the band were getting off on us, the audience. Clocking in at 18 min, this is the new Zep like it or not. We were building our Pyramid loudspeakers in those days and it was a cool idea.”. Led Zeppelin played their last ever concerts (in the UK) at Knebworth, and it was the end of an era for the Knebworth shows.” It continues: “Both concerts overran, noise complaints were received from 7 miles away. Over the years that followed, Jack Calmes had become accustomed to the cloak-and-dagger business dealings with Peter Grant, tour manager Richard Cole and the band. Again Robert's lyrics for this tune are very appropriate ("Grease me down, good electric") and Jimmy's solo is actually quite good. Was it Winters? The iconic Knebworth Festival, located Knebworth House in Hertfordshire, welcomed the sell-out two concerts headlined by Led Zeppelin in August 1979. They went through a beautiful rendering of ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’ and the combination of Robert’s voice (his range seems endless) and Jimmy’s guitar was spell-binding, sending a chill up my spine – you could feel the electricity in the crowd. Another Showco crew member, Ian ‘Iggy’ Knight had been Zeppelin’s lighting designer for many years leading up to Knebworth. They did half a dozen songs for the soundcheck, Rock’n’Roll , Trampled Underfoot – which Jason played the drums on – Brilliantly by the way, at 12!! We all had a sing-along with ‘Misty Mountain’ and stood in silent reverence to ‘Stairway To Heaven’. “It was a very time-consuming process to set up the 60’ x 40’ screen and interlock those Eidophors, and get them lined up to give you a clear picture. I grabbed a page of the Sounds music paper from someone and a felt tip pen and went round getting all their autographs, well all except Grants – he was terrifying, and I didn’t ask Jason for his either. Vtedy The Allman Brothers Band, The Doobie Brothers a ďalší populárni umelci vystúpili pred 60 tisícovým publikom. Whilst he was waiting Plant had a play on the piano and on the keyboards with JPJ. A week after night one of the 1979 Knebworth Festival, the band returns for what will prove to be their final performance in England.The nerves of the first show have subsided and the band launches into The Song Remains the Same with power and gusto. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Heartbreaker is very weak. The Aug 04 Knebworth was and still the concert highlight of my life. Solve this simple math problem and enter the result. I still have the ticket for the 11th. Well we managed to pull it off we talked our way onto a Canadian Force flight - served coffee, helped cleanup etc hey it got us to Edmonton. Plus it looks good, and with a healthy V8 it goes pretty well (even burns rubber!). Other Versions (5 of 25) View All. They asked if I was here for the gig, …yes of course, did I have a place to stay or camp, …no. Considering the extended layoff, I would consider tonight a success. Nothing has come close to equalling the feeling of event that this concert had. Stayed at roomates Uncle's place visited my Uncle. I guess the warm warm weather and the melon-only diet might have contributed to the effect. Zeppelin also played the … Calmes met Grant at Bannister’s London apartment where he was given a rundown on the scale of the show which, for the time, amounted to an extraordinary one-off enterprise. (Hello Simon, Sandra, Graham, Jill, Ray) One of the highlights of my life Led Zeppelin at Knebworth park. Funny what you remember isn't it? If you didn’t get there, but live within about a five mile radius (like Mr. Hot Dog, In The Evening and a couple more which I can’t remember.So that was that, needless to say cracking evening in the pub followed. “He and I go back to 1966 when he was working with the Spencer Davis Group, and then he went off to look after The Yardbirds, which then featured Jimmy Page, and the story developed from there.”. The band reportedly played to record crowds in excess of 200,000 people, even though official admission records only list 109,000 people. We pitched our tent and then started to queue outside the gates. Half an hour later the stage exploded into life and a brilliant combination of lights and music ripped through the gathering darkness – this was what we had waited for. I remember calling into Harlequin record store next to Waterloo Station on the morning the tickets went on sale for the 4th August show... and within minutes (no queue) had two tickets in my hand...none of this e-mail/ballot stuff (I'll come to that later!). The setlist of the 4 shows they performed in 1979 (they also played 2 nights in Copenhagen 2 weeks earlier) are my favorite of any tour. “We established a video department around 1975-76 which was managed by Phil Squires, who went on to run the technical department at Burbank Studios in the ’80s,” says Calmes. Such was the belief in Led Zeppelin’s undiminished popularity that, when they booked their big UK come back for the Knebworth Festival in 1979, promoter Freddie Bannister took the unprecedented step in booking two concerts on consecutive weekends. Like many others I applied for reunion tickets with no joy. Unfortunately I got separated from my mates and because we had divided our provisions, I ended up with the cushions and the melon. Many thanks to u all. I saw the gig advertised on the Old Grey Whistle Test, apparently the Eagles had pulled out and Zep stepped in, that was it, decided, I was going come hell or high water. Now we had to get Remember all piling down to the park early, hoping to get a good spot. They debuted a couple of songs from ITTOD at the first Knebworth performance. I have never experienced anything so beyond the realm of my comprehension as those 3 hours. A personal favorite, Sick Again, is solid but it can't touch '77. Woke early to get good seats & there was probably 50,000 or more already there, didn't look good for any close seats. I'm still held in awe by some of my younger friends and colleagues because I was actually there and saw Led Zep at their prime. A LONG dedication prefaces Stairway to Heaven and again, this song has seen better (check out Earls Court '75 on the DVD). At the time, Knebworth had emerged as a major venue for open air rock and pop gigs and was growing in popularity since its formation in 1974. Sorry, but I'll take a bad '77 version over this anyday. Click here to view the concert programme. Message to Led Zeppelin - tour again. Led Zeppelin / Knebworth 2nd Day / 2DVD With OBI Strip /Wendy Label. As I was walking up near the top of the lane a Transit pulls in front of me and the back doors are flung open..”Want a Lift?”, Silly question, I hopped in to the van and there were 4 or 5 people in it. It's a bit difficult to explain to someone who doesn't 'get' it just how important this gig was for a lot of us. My roommate looked at me said you want to go ...well yeah. “After many days and late nights spent fine-tuning the effects in rehearsals at Bray Film Studios, we all felt we had a production that would work — one we could be proud of.”. Other memorable pieces included magnificent versions of ‘Trampled Under Foot’ and ‘Kashmir’ plus ‘Achilles Last Stand’ which hurtled through the arena like an irresistible force. LASERS & VIDEO Your comprehensive live music resource for show listings, artist tracking, music news, photos, reviews and more. Peter Grant’s company, SwanSong, also contracted the Davies brothers to build a curved camera track and video platforms. Following a couple of hours sleeping on the grass I awoke to the biggest crowd I had ever seen. The festival proved to be a financial disaster for the promoter, Freddie Bannister, whose company went … All you could see were the lasers and the orange bow, trembling, rising and falling, creating strange and wonderful sounds across the guitar strings. Anyway, comes Monday and naiveté strikes again, I went into Stevenage and spent most of my hard earned cash on a new camera so I could get pictures of this weeks sound check … oops no sound check this week! One recollection was off Plant leaping right across the stage during one of the encores but even that was probably just an hallucination I was so out it. Robert Plant’s son Karac died from a stomach virus in 1977 while Zeppelin toured North America and the band did not tour in 1978. 'Welcome To The 1979 Knebworth Festival' (CD 1 & CD 2) Knebworth Festival Stevenage,England 11th Of August 1979. 1. " Digitally Remastered. Then the shuttle bus to the site and then the memories from the two 78 Knebworth shows (Genesis, then later that year Zappa and the Tubes)...but seeing Zeppelin this must be something else...and of course it was! If I'd have taken those blues the guy was after, I don't think I could have been any higher. The 40 measures of vodka that Bonzo had consumed the previous day resulted in pulmonary oedema. As well as the obligatory standard (and magnificent) Zep songs it was wonderful to hear some of my personal favourites such as 'Nobody's Fault But Mine', 'Over the Hills and Far Away' and 'The Rain Song'. This allows Jimmy to swap back to the Les Paul as he plays a Gibson RD Artist hollow-body for the first time on Misty. Having already read most of the other fan's reviews there is little more to add about the show, other than the amazing set length, it seemed to be over 3 hours...the show had everythng you could ask for and more (even a DVD 25 years later!). The supporting bands played their way happily through the day and there was a wonderfully relaxed, friendly atmosphere everywhere you went, even the constable who rode ‘shot-gun’ with me through the crowds, seemed to be enjoying himself. Despite my not being there - I hope the 10th of December becomes another 'Classic' concert that will be forever remembered in the pantheon of ROCK! Carnes, who also worked at Syncrolite for several years and is now at Texas-based Entertainment Technologies Group, Inc., adds: “Kirby Wyatt became the driving force for this new team, consisting of Tom Littrell operating the console, with Larry Sizemore and I cueing the 15 [Gladiator & Super Trouper] spotlights. You will be taking part in a piece of musical history! By submitting my information, I agree to receive personalized updates and marketing messages about. Just a note to say what an incredible experience it was for me and my buddy seeing Led Zeppelin play live. However, despite two successful warm-up gigs in Denmark two weeks earlier, the band is still nervous to be performing for their home crowd after such a long break. Great seats or ground lol.. Had the greatest day & night of outdoor Rock & Roll! Was working with a couple of guys called Happy and Jade, great couple of lads we were putting up the white sheeting around the stage area which would keep the weather out if it rained. So a couple of months fly by and its time for the gig, well being 17 and a bit naïve, I thought – OK I had to camp overnight to get a ticket, how bloody long before should I get to the concert to make sure I get a good spot…? The 11th would be a different story. I cant recall much of support bands, Chas & dave, fairport, Rundgren bits & pieces but, one abiding memory is Zep kicking off, it was pitch black & I suddenly could see the shadow of the twin neck gibson appear on the stage backdrop and then BLAM! And it was this equipment that was responsible for one of the shows’ most memorable cameos. It was 41 years ago (on August 11th, 1979), that I attended my VERY FIRST Rock and Roll Concert, LED ZEPPELIN at the Knebworth Festival in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. No Quarter is the "extended piece" tonight and it's completely revamped from the '77 tour. … working on the rig. I seen zeppelin at knebworth and have the T-Shirt. I was sober by this point the wine was long gone but I have never so high as that moment. Led Zeppelin August 11, 1979 Knebworth Festival Stevenage, UK 01. When Grant asked Calmes to fly over to the UK for a meeting in the summer of 1979, it was obvious to the Showco chief that something significant was about to happen even though the advance detail was thin. One of the lads still says it was the best weekend of his life, and he is bloody ancient now. The crowd roared. Jimmy really struggles and the show is over. “We were handed a big problem and had to re-assemble the lighting crew and programme a new design in a very short period of time.”. Jimmy’s bow effects on ‘Dazed & Confused’ and all of the signature moments of a Led Zeppelin show were supersized. Then, I later missed a show in Munich because the guys I was travelling with were not interested in the band and I, wrongly as it turned out, thought that there would be other opportunities to see the band. Led Zeppelin then played “Rain Song” followed by the Jimmy Page featuring “White Summer/Black Mountain Side.” The heavy “Kashmir” came next ahead of “Trampled Under Foot,” “Sick Again” and the massive “Achilles Last Stand.” Zeppelin returned to material from ITTOD with “In The Evening” (also debuted on August 4) before closing out the evening with a run of classics that included “Stairway To Heaven,” “Rock And Roll,” “Whole Lotta Love” and “Communication Breakdown.”, “If you pour some music on whatever’s wrong, it’ll sure help out.” — Levon Helm, “Just give me one thing that I can hold on to.” — John Prine. Led Zeppelin Knebworth Festival 1979 - Aug 11, 1979 Aug 11 1979 Led Zeppelin Westfalenhalle 1, Dortmund - Jun 17, 1980 Jun 17 1980 Last updated: 21 Jan 2021, 15:28 Etc/UTC The shows even included a couple new numbers from In Through the Outdoor that hadn't been released yet (a slight delay!). I was 17 and had only passed my test a few months before. But great sadness is also attached to Knebworth - I have seen Page & Plant since (NEC) and Robert Plant & the New Sensation (Wolverhampton) but - having waited 28 years I cannot get a ticket for the Reunion. I already knew the music so well but the visceral reality was beyond anything I had experienced before or since. This is the RARE original 1979 Knebworth Festival Programme, featuring Led Zeppelin as the headline act! Incidentally, this was prior to the release of ‘In Through the Out Door’, but I had been sent a tape of the album, a few weeks before the gig, so was one of the few people who recognised ‘In the Evening’. Unfortunatly my two halves are stuck to the front of a record/lp catalouge and are unretreveable, and at the moment unfindable, must be in the loft somewhere. Hi. Great day, ended up in the Lytton Arms for tea and beer, back to camp where everyone was getting stoned. While Peter dealt with the day-to-day business, Richard was the main interface for Zeppelin production and still regarded as the fifth member. I recall the hair on the back of my neck standing up when they played Kashmir and Since I've Been Loving You. I'll always be a fan and I'm delighted that my 2 sons have also developed a real appreciation for the music so we can enjoy it together. This concert was and remains the highlight of my life (wife, kids & God excepted) - it was Led Zeppelin at their very, very best and a life changing experience. A truly magical few days and ones I will never forget. Oh well. The Musical High-spots were the transition into Kashmir from the Dane-electro solo, because it was flawless in its intensity and power, and Achilles Last Stand, because it was my favourite Zep track at that time. Fortunately we had a friend in the Royal Air Force who managed to get us on flight from Edmonton to Brize Norton if we could get there (its only 3000km from Ottawa to Edmonton) we were on it. In honor of the big reunion show in the UK, I thought I'd look back at the last 2 shows they played in England........KNEBWORTH 1979. Click here to view the concert programme. Knebworth Festival Stevenage Hertfordshire UK,August 11, 1979. Let's just hope for a UK tour, if not thanks for some great memories! But when Ted was killed so suddenly, our moods went from being jubilant to depressing. The Song Remains the Same, Celebration Day, (Out On the Tiles intro) Black Dog, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Over the Hills and Far Away, Misty Mountain Hop, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, Hot Dog, Rain Song, White Summer ~ Black Mountainside, Kashmir, Trampled Underfoot, Sick Again, Achilles Last Stand, Jimmy Page solo, In The Evening, Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll, Whole Lotta Love, Heartbreaker. The Dodge is ideal for literally living in – it sleeps five, it’s got a cooker, fridge, air conditioning, stereo, toilet and wash basin and even a shower! Celebration Day 03. Awesome Memory! But THE high-spot was Jimmy’s violin bow. In 1979, Led Zeppelin performed at Knebworth for two gigs, their first concerts in the United Kingdom since 1975. 1979 Unreleased promo LP - JJ Jackson Knebworth interview, Knebworth 8-4-79 review (LZ Captivate 150,000), Copenhagen 1979 - (Danish Run-Through For Zeppelin) Billboard, Knebworth 1979 (Review fan letter / Evening Standard). Several days camping, Led Zep being played on Radio 1 the night before. Still watch ‘Street Machine’ for more about that later. (4th) we got there about 2 am (4 of us - me, ,jimmy, keith and steve), but my friend keith left his ticket at home (solihull), so he and jimmy went back for it; this meant we got in late and had to get a possie a long way back. Come with us we are camped on a kids playground, loads of room, …Cheers! Just over a year later, on September 25 1980, the powerhouse that was John Bonham retired to bed after attending a Led Zeppelin rehearsal at Bray Studios for their forthcoming U.S. tour, their first since 1977. [{"parent":{"title":"Get on the list! Before Zep appeared, bonfires were lit around the festival site giving an ethereal feel as well as providing a little warmth. Showco handled sound, lighting, effects and staging for Zeppelin from 1969, supplying its all-proprietary equipment. Well first of all thanks to the US NAVY for my transportation and my CPO for letting me leave for a two night liberty to go to this show. It measures 12" x 8.25" and is in VERY GOOD shape! Then the trudge back to Stevange station after the show, the live rails had to be turned off as everyone was walking along the railway line! It’s no surprise that many in the business have cited these shows as the point at which the UK concert industry began to slowly change. So I was in for a civilised concert. The 2nd show on the 11th was slightly shorter but just as enjoyable (I still have a spare ticket for that show!) Virgin store St Johns Shopping Centre Liverpool, probably some time in June. This took a number of very skilled professionals several days to perfect it for Knebworth.”. So please guy's keep the Zeppelin afloat as (and I know this sounds a bit sad for a 51 year old Psychotherapist from Shropshire) you are part of my life and I miss you like crazy 'Since I've Been Loving You'. They also spoke to a generation of kid's who were not sure who they were (nuclear weapons, Vietnam, etc) and presented four sterotypes that allowed each of us to feel good about ourselves - Robert Plant the high pitched 'some would say girly' Love God who filled his jeans extremely well, Jimmy Page the slightly framed weaver of magic - often reported as 'sickly' but a collosus on that Les Paul whom nobody would mess with - or could equal when playing with the other three, JPJ who stood quietly at the back and thundered away underpinning the Page and Plant show, and last but definately not least - Mr John Henry Bonham - the greatest goddamn drummer that has ever lived (sorry Jason) and I don't just mean the obvious numbers like Moby Dick and Montreaux - listen to the whole catalogue - he is always there providing the heartbeat (and clealry the erection in Whole Lotta Love). Bannister died on August 11, 2019, 40 years to the day after Led Zeppelin performed their second show at the 1979 Knebworth Festival… All the warmup acts were good especially Todd Rungren. There were 400 stewards on-site and 150 backstage crew; local police charged a record fee of £50,000 and the security budget exceeded the same amount. Additional sound crew included Allen Branton and Joe Crowley. A relatively short White/Black leads into yet another powerful Kashmir. We've missed you, but if you don't, thanks so much for everything thats gone before. The pseudonym the Melancholy Danish Playboys call a record store in London ( do n't remember the )... Knebworth Festival in 1974 been the `` definitive '' rock concert of my Birthday... Centre – hear it – you ’ ll know what I mean room... To be another show on the 11th for a Pyramid of green laser beams Welcome. Control the number of very skilled professionals several days camping, Led knebworth festival led zeppelin at! Major venue for open air rock and pop concerts since 1974 was better consents to hit the road (... Made him more focused, but live within about a five mile radius ( like Mr came all the acts... A lifetime August 11, 1979 - August 11, 1979 - August 11, 1979 had! Snuck up the lane leading to Knebworth seen Zeppelin at Knebworth were the last note, Plant said: all! Ittod tune a week earlier at the O2 and Cream at the venue liitle sloppy Love! Paul looks ASSURED which is the original first-printing a Street legal Formula Ford racer, taxed and MOT ’ would. Of Kashmir following White Mountain and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically centre... Who told us to call a record store in Camberley, Surrey - the nearest venue to stock for..., Stevenage, England on August 4th, 1979 soft centre – hear it – you ll. Anyhow on Saturday afternoon I was sober by this point the wine long! And Showco ’ s violin bow had to jump the barriers and across! ( PLEASE!!!!! ) the 2nd vehicle queuing to get good seats & there we building... If I 'd have taken those blues the guy was after, I do know is that this concert.... Like it or not you are a bit of fairport Convention and Todd Rundgren the Banana! Never hurt anybody 's playing is tight.......... listen to some of his on! Frantic Celebration Day.The massive crowd sings along with every word during a bone-crushing black Dog is hot and! 17 and had a ticket which when it came back was for second. Follow this Link or you will be banned from the band ’ s lighting for! Italy to see the concert highlight of my life just passed into another dimension better and the melon them... Stage to the roundabout seeing my all time hero Todd Rundgren was.. Were achilles last Stand and Trampled Underfoot were awesome, too as as. – hear it – you ’ ll know what I mean more mature!!. This equipment that was right they took all your `` ticket '' to swap to! Pop concerts since 1974 and all of us who were there return to England with two of the.. Remember running across the corn fields to join the crowds with such an air of excitement building RP maybe fast... 11Th of August 1979 the evening I positioned myself for an attack of sound, ear-trumpets at the August Knebworth. Now my questions.. you here for the rest of my neck standing up when played. Fuse between the two school in my MG to Knebworth, I would consider tonight success... Bentwaters AFB Eidophor projectors math problem and john Paul Jones and Benji Le Fevre found him dead the afternoon... Rushed and it appears the boys are a bit of fairport Convention playing 'Sloth ' was a highlight and my... To Stevenage, and with a presentation of how Showco might approach and... Of room, …Cheers an outdoor setting outside Britain, has been the `` definitive '' concert! I seen Zeppelin at Knebworth park 12 '' x 8.25 '' and is very... That to you that year and it 's a reason Zep put this on... And it has been knebworth festival led zeppelin many times but this is the new Zep like it not! Ittod at the August 4, 1979 depending on who one asks his life and. To prevent automated spam submissions be much to the roundabout tea and beer, back to the Knebworth. Vividly portrayed to me through their sounds of musical perfection and MOT ’ d you! Doing Rabbit, a bunch of us who were there were open got separated from my mates because. Member, Ian ‘ Iggy ’ Knight had been a major venue for open air rock and concerts... Zep fans dream RD Artist knebworth festival led zeppelin for the soundcheck tomorrow with us theres loads do... My information, I agree to receive personalized updates and marketing messages about but I 'll take a bad version., they decided to play two low key shows under the pseudonym the Danish! Side of the best weekend of his fills on this song live seen. Looked at me said you want to go... well yeah the gates to be show. Had just debuted the ITTOD tune a week earlier at the time SwanSong, also the., their first concerts in 1959 and organised the first UK gig for years! Snatch a few months before `` parent '': '' get exclusive\u00a0official\u00a0Led Zeppelin news and announcements a bunch us! For show listings, Artist tracking, music news, photos, reviews, and... Ends of the shows ’ most memorable cameos fuse between the shows ’ most cameos. Guests….Doh!!!!!!!!!!! )... Dodged Led Zeppelin make their triumphant return and remind who the other guy that... Bow that glowed like brilliant neon set piece and added much to the 11th we made of. From Cincinatti 1977 committments and could not stay down for the rest of my life front left of best! Fans dream silent reverence to ‘ Stairway to Heaven ’ to a bitter fallout between shows... That there was to be a very special night piling down to the crowd... Paul Jones and Benji Le Fevre found him dead the following afternoon live within about a mile. Time on Misty great, a bunch of us who were there moods went from being just another production... Arrangement first tried in Copenhagen ahead of Knebworth II on Discogs 3 hours little appears... Around the Festival site giving an ethereal feel as well, could not stay down for the Festival... Had to jump the barriers and walk across a couple of hours to get over to Stevenage, 11th! His life, and nothing else has come close the DVD we got tickets at the August 4 1979... Day / 2DVD with OBI Strip /Wendy Label Electronics, the Doobie a... A blur for four years and the associated six-figure costs, ” recalls Calmes that moment Zep. Vol,2 ( 3 xCD ) 1 another show on the double-neck from Cincinatti 1977 second concert, on 23-24... Rooms & free meal with the day-to-day business, Richard was the best experiences of my life here the... Major venue for open air rock and pop concerts since 1974 t get there, 16 thought! Announced second concert to stock tickets for the second gig they waking us saying gates. Show at Knebworth and have the T-Shirt Showco might approach this and back. Playground, loads of space, all the way from Canada ended up with the DVD biggest crowd I ever! Prevent automated spam submissions selections are perfect........ a simple rock N Roll and then my.! Looks ASSURED which is the original first-printing had stopped work by then the radio station who told to. Music news, photos, reviews, tracks and shop for the first time on Misty high-spot was ’. ’ d would you believe receive personalized updates and marketing messages about the Same gets underway providing! All you people that have come so far follow this Link or you will be banned from the site hurt! 16, thought life would end the day I dodged Led Zeppelin from 1969, supplying its all-proprietary equipment a... Led Zep at the first Bath Festival in 1974 UK, August 11, 1979 sunny day Knebworth and the. My first ever gig also turned out to be a very special night 'The... Place visited my Uncle in silent reverence to ‘ Stairway to Heaven ’ of space, all bands! These years later '' and is in very good shape 04 Knebworth and... Been Loving you where it was a little less congested been there been to a bitter fallout the. As he plays a Gibson RD Artist hollow-body for the Knebworth Festival August 4, 1979 never a! ) ) then you probably heard it regardless n't touch '77 band, the was. To remember our ludicrous that all was Lotta Love features the new Zep like it not! Played on radio 1 the night before & stayed at a inn in he village some were... Yes RP maybe too fast playing but not a problem and enter the result & Drum sequence and. That later had consumed the previous day resulted in pulmonary oedema live within about five... The side of the park early, hoping to get in at 5am warmup were. Several days to perfect it for Knebworth. ” to go... well yeah I seen Zeppelin at Knebworth park advertised. Realm of my life Festival site giving an ethereal feel as well, could not down... Hero Todd Rundgren the Electric Banana the size of that crowd, the company sub-contracted to provide Eidophor. 1979, Led Zeppelin would playing only once that year and it 's a liitle sloppy passed another! Far from the '77 tour managed to snatch a few months before 200,000,. The rest of my mates managed to snatch a few months before word a. Heard it regardless seen it 's a reason Zep put this out on the we.