Squad Arena is a PvP game mode in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where players use a team of characters to climb ranks by battling against other players' AI controlled teams. Use this on CD to clear taunts and prot up etc and to stun droids. For Sabine I'd go with crit damage/crit chance with the same secondaries as with chopper. 2 years ago. Did they? Crimson Phoenix Squadron is one of three squadrons that Alliance Starfighter Pilots can join. Submit Your Score. hide. They're everywhere and very hard to break for most people playing there. Video Game. A lot of people have mentioned that the gear req is quite lofty. Squad Arena Store. 14 % Hera Syndulla Speed: 114.0. But I got Thrawn with a G8 Phoenix squad. A Phoenix Squad, 6* at least. Defense Up. F2P: This team is easy to get right from the get go and all 6 of the toons can be farmed at the same time. Star Wars Facts and Info. Using assists to call Zeb is the main power move that lets Phoenix control the fight. Of note though is that the missions have LOTS of TIEs to kill and are frequently in Imperial occupied space spawns of TIEs. It’s not a meta chaser of a road map but I feel pretty confident that it’ll retain its value for some time. Well, having used them a little I think Kanan needs speed mods so you can quicker access his clutch healing and cleansing, plus, keeping taunt on him too long can end in his premature death. As I’m writing this right before… After the rebels stole an Imperial fighter carrier from Ryloth, the squadron was housed on tha… Can you trust them? I mostly ignore this mechanic and try to avoid using it. 49 % Ezra Bridger Speed: 191.0. Squad Arena: Using him at Gear 12 with a fully Zeta Phoenix squad in the Squad Arena on my test account through EA’s GameChangers program I found that the Phoenix Squadron can indeed compete with top-tier teams, but none of them, not even Ezra, is a Top 5 character in the game. If the gear requirements were less harsh then yeh fair enough but going higher than G8 with them I just can't recommend. SWGOH.GG is a database and sqaud builder for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes on iOS and Android. The Phoenix Squad in action! 61. That team also makes cruising through GW trivial. It may be worth it to call Kanan to assist instead of Zeb, when you know that the Daze won't help you that much. 86% Upvoted. Star Wars: Squadrons. How I Use Ezra Bridger: I have used Ezra in an all-Phoenix team in the Squad Arena, in Phase 4 of HAAT and extensively in the Galactic War, events, in Territory Battles and on defense in Territory Wars. Thanks! You can press and hold the ability buttons to read the description. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes VN. Posted By: ljcool110 April 10, 2017. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Squad Arena Store 400 ... Droid • Phoenix • Rebel. Needed some attempts and some good RNG, but was feasible. 69 % Ezra Bridger Speed: 203.0. Discussion. ; Legendary Event: Emperor's Demise to acquire shards for Emperor Palpatine. Please enter as much information as you can, and we'll try to find your shardmates and give you their contact information, if possible. I faced a CLS g12 in node 12 that solo’d the whole team. Simply put, if not for this event, they're a ragtag bunch that is best off as your 4th or 5th squad. Offense Up. So you still have to gear them well, which is kinda the issue. In addition, do not miss our Relic Amplifiers section where we review and analyze Relics for key SWGoH characters. Use special 2 to clear taunts. Squad Arena Store 400 ... Droid • Phoenix • Rebel. This aims to help you aviod doing that, the better to get a 7* Thrawn with minimal gear invested. Agree completely. John S. Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes How To Beat Phoenix With Old School What kind of mods should go on these guys for the event? You go Phoenix for Thrawn (plus extra survivability in GW and TB, and the TB Phoenix-only mission), or you go stronger rebels for better Fleet and Squad Arena scores. Phoenix Squadron. This thread is archived.