Read more about Japan and Akita. Prerequisite: A minimum 2.5 GPA. Akita International University: With the word International in its name, Akita International University has 26% international students. The … Go to Program Courses for the host course catalog listing of … Major - Global Business - Global Studies: Classes Commence: April 8, 2020: Entrance Fee: 423,000 yen: Tuition Fees: 696,000 yen: Other Expenses: Approx. Typical clubs include: Kendo, Table Tennis, Badminton, Yoga, Japanese Dance, Flower … Each semester, Akita International University offers a range of classes in the social sciences, arts and humanities, Japanese language, Japan studies, Asian studies, the sciences, and business. Institution . Important: the above section is intended to include only those reputable organizations (e.g. Japanese language classes are available from the very beginning to advanced level, and include comprehensive core courses, self-directed practice courses, and skill courses … International students at AIU are strongly encouraged to participate in AIU student clubs and circles of interest. Click any program name to view details or to apply. Governance, Peace, Huma… Local and international students participate in all the same small classes, clubs, and activities, and over 80% of students live on campus, allowing for daily, personal interaction.The Professional Graduate School of Akita International University, named the “Graduate School of Global Communication and Language,” is truly unique and an appropriate professional graduate school for this globalized society.Our graduate school … Akita’s numerous festivals, including Akita Kanto and Omagari Fireworks, celebrate its history, nature and community. The small, active university community ensures that students have constant opportunities to make connections with our approximately 900 students, including over 170 international students from 190 … 1. The university’s graduate program is made up of three majors (English Language Teaching, Japanese Language Teaching, and Global Communication Practices), and only 39 graduate students. Set in the wooded mountains of northern Honshu, away from the dense crowds of larger Japanese cities, Akita provides a very different experience than Tokyo. Akita International University The University offers degrees in Global Business, Global Studies, Japan Studies, Japanese Language and Liberal Arts. 750,000 yen: Location: Okutsubakidai, Yuwa Tsubakigawa, Akita-shi … ... Japan (Akita) - Akita International University (AIU) Akita … Featured Programs University of Westminster: London - Direct … Located in Akita on the northern seaboard of the main island of Japan, AIU provides international … Located in Akita on the northern seaboard of the main island of Japan, AIU provides international … … Akita dates to 658 AD and offers a glimpse of traditional Japan. Akita International University (AIU) is a highly ranked, four-year Liberal Arts University offering both … Nestled in the lush green environment of Akita City located in the northwest of Japan, this university offers an outstanding International Liberal Arts Education across many interdisciplinary fields for both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. IE3 Global’s partner, Akita International University … 9. Waseda University’s School of International Liberal Studies, or better known as SILS, was founded in 2004, with the concept of combining the best of Waseda University – its long run tradition and extensive educational assets. Akita International University (AIU or in Japanese Kokusai Kyoyo Daigaku) is a Liberal Arts university, a Public University Corporation which opened in 2004 supported by Akita Prefectural Government, with a student population of over 700. AIU opened its doors in 2004. Akita International University … Learn more about Akita International University. Akita International University offers extensive programs in Japan Studies and Japanese Language for international students. Program advisor: Prof. Matsuda. Study Abroad Opportunities Akita International University Akita International University is a small liberal arts university located in Northern Japan which offers a wide variety of courses mostly taught in … Credits 4.5 or 9. Philosophy, Religion and History 3. Akita International University is a jewel of Akita, where the university constructed its campus. If you would like to request information from our staff about programs matching the search criteria you have selected, use the Request Info button.