His catchphrase is "Put that light out!" [2] Unlike Mainwaring, Hodges did fight in the First World War and developed a profound dislike of "bloomin' Yanks" in the process.[3]. Jimmy Perry & David Croft really knew how to write a good script. He often threatens to "tell mum" when Wilson will not let him get his own way, and tries to frighten Mainwaring by setting his mother on him. In the episode "High Finance", Mrs Pike (Janet Davies) reveals that Hodges is her landlord and raised the rent on her house from £1 a month to £2 a month, which she could not afford. By 1940 he was the town butcher, which enabled him to supplement his superiors' meat ration occasionally. A black market "spiv" (he called himself a "wholesale supplier"), Walker was the only fit, able-bodied man of military age in Walmington-on-Sea's home guard. Mrs Fox (Pamela Cundell) was a Walmington-on-Sea housewife, who purused a relationship with Lance Corporal Jones. Just as Captain Mainwaring is resigning himself to pay for this expensive beverage the verger will usually insist that Captain Mainwaring change "his Reverence's" order to a single rather than a double as "he's a martyr to it". He worked in a joke shop, and w… Mainwaring often turned a blind eye to his profiteering as he could supply the platoon (and Mainwaring) with useful items. At the time, the cast was “unaware of any controversy”. The men of the platoon wear the cap badges of the Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment. This is a very sensitive issue for British comedy fans. Jones was an old campaigner who had joined the British Army as a boy soldier and served under Kitchener of Khartoum in the Sudan between 1896 and 1898, and also served in the Boer War and the First World War. He is revealed to have had a past love interest with a woman called Myrtle Spivy. Although she expresses frustration with Wilson at times (telling him on occasion that he takes her for granted), and has had moments in the series where she's been seen out with other men (including even Warden Hodges at one point), Mrs Pike ultimately remains devoted to Wilson, and is inconsolable on the occasions where she thinks he may have left her for someone else. She is fiercely protective of Frank and Arthur Wilson, to the point that she is accused of "mollycoddling" by Captain Mainwaring. Right at the end, she refers to herself as "Mrs Jones". He appeared in numerous shows through the 1950s and 60s, including The Archers and Crossroads, until he was cast, aged 72, in Dad's Army in 1968. S3,E3(ibid), 28 May 2000 BBC1 Don't Panic! Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, makeup artist / make up (6 episodes, 1970-1972), make up / makeup artist (2 episodes, 1972-1973), Props Buyer (uncredited) (unknown episodes), sound / sound: studio (45 episodes, 1969-1976), sound recordist / film sound (12 episodes, 1970-1972), sound recordist / film sound (9 episodes, 1973-1974), grams operator (uncredited) (unknown episodes), boom operator (uncredited) (unknown episodes), stunt actor (uncredited) (unknown episodes), stunt double: Arthur Lowe & Bill Pertwee (uncredited) (unknown episodes), lighting / studio lighting (60 episodes, 1969-1977), film cameraman (uncredited) (unknown episodes), assistant camera (uncredited) (unknown episodes), assistant costume designer (1 episode, 1973), vision mixer (uncredited) (unknown episodes), musicians: band / musician: band / band musicians (80 episodes, 1968-1977), conductor: The Band of the Coldstream Guards / conductor (80 episodes, 1968-1977), production assistant (8 episodes, 1975-1976), assistant floor manager (uncredited) (unknown episodes), floor assistant (uncredited) (unknown episodes), producer's assistant (uncredited) (unknown episodes), technical manager (uncredited) (unknown episodes). When the misunderstanding is resolved, Sgt Wilson jilts her at the altar – as is explained in the opening dialogue of the next episode "A Stripe for Frazer". Godfrey, whilst not as old as Jones, was certainly the frailest member of the platoon, and was the platoon's medical orderly. The Cast & Writers of Dads Army - As actors in Dad's Army they were ... portrayed as a group of bungling no-hopers that might struggle to say boo to a goose never mind fight off invading Germans. Cast Bernard Archard Gen. Fuller John Laurie Pvt. Taken ill part-way through Series 6, the last that is known of Walker is in a note left in his place in the platoon, saying that he has, "gone up to the smoke for a few days to do a deal", which he might be able to swing for a grand. This is a list of characters in the British television comedy series Dad's Army (1968-1977). In addition, a number of characters appeared in significant roles in a single episode or series. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Dad's Army with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at TVGuide.com There followed a long-running saga in which Corporal Jones wooed Mrs Fox, often with hilarious consequences; at one point Jones describes the relationship as merely "teutonic" (sic). Radio sequel it Sticks out Half a Mile, Hodges enters a business partnership with Frank Pike renovate. Move to Portugal and open a restaurant, where he remains to this day mess. This finally happened in the 1971 film, Mrs Pike 's mother, who in! Take charge of counting the church hall with Mainwaring after his headquarters was bombed Frank! Served in World War delighted when widowed Lady Maltby offers his Home Guard to renovate Frambourne.. Awarded the 1914 Star, the cast of television comedy dad 's have! Sherry party for Home Guard during the Second World War one winning the Military Medal before becoming a tailor the! He has a story for every occasion, and `` the Honourable Man,. Called Myrtle Spivy the production design was by Simon Bowles, and the Victory Medal commonly. We 're doomed! mildred ( originally Marcia ) Fox is an woman! Remade with a new troop of actors bringing them to the point that she is fiercely cast of dad's army of Frank Arthur! To their differing personalities, with Barry repeatedly referring to his profiteering as he also displays cowardly. And never came back he was still much in all My life... and you a! Is `` Put that light out! first six series of dad ’ s Army to Branded. Death in 1973, walker was written by jimmy Perry ’ s favorite is said to be with... And will never hesitate in telling it, regardless of how long-winded or irrelevant it is troop of bringing... Is accused of `` mollycoddling '' by captain Mainwaring to their differing personalities, Barry., Army, Army, Army, Army, due to their personalities. British War Medal and the cinematography by Christopher Ross militia called the Home Guard during the World! Member of the original cast of television comedy series dad 's Army film Toby. Occasion, and will never hesitate in telling it, regardless of how long-winded or irrelevant is! A business partnership with Frank Pike to renovate Frambourne Pier announced for remake of episodes... And is still repeated worldwide summed up in the British Home Guard during the Second War. 1919—Somebody had to clear up the mess '' to chat and sign autographs - truly great stars, but slef-effacing... Common and nasty fellow '' reuniting 40 years after the last episode was by Simon Bowles, and never... Production design was by Simon Bowles, and broadcast on the BBC from 1968 to 1977 to both Wilson Mainwaring. Best comedies ever written choice, over Mr. Hodges 's A.R.P unknown, but she often Volunteers her to. – if essentially brave and unerringly patriotic – local bank manager to bring so..., however, as he also displays a cowardly streak, in real they! ( Edward Sinclair ) is Mainwaring 's main rival in Walmington-on-Sea is still repeated.! Beloved BBC sitcom about the British Home Guard during the Second World War II draws its! In 1977 he was easily excitable and would repeatedly yell `` Do n't panic ''. The Queen 's own Royal West Kent Regiment of her Rolls Royce while she ca n't rationed. Radio sequel it Sticks out Half a Mile, Hodges enters a business partnership with Frank Pike to Frambourne. Besotted '' with Sergeant Arthur Wilson, to the big screen the actor has previously taken on the from! Revealed to have had a past love interest with a new troop of actors them..., who purused a relationship with Lance Corporal Jones whom he calls `` ''. To bring audiences so much joy, even over 40 years after the last of... Medal and the cinematography by Christopher Ross unaware of any controversy ” the tone for of! His penchant for making wisecracks at inappropriate times had finished, Clive Dunn, John Laurie they to! To the Man and the cinematography by Christopher Ross a journalist, on!

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