Stance Training and becoming a Scholar-Warrior [at] If your fingers start pointing downwards, bring them back to facing each other forwards. Question. In Xing Yi Quan, the practice of Sān Tǐ Shì (三體勢 / 三体势, Heaven, Earth, and Man) has been a root practice for centuries. Wang, a student of Xing Yi Quan, created a method of Kung Fu-based entirely upon Zhan zhuang, known as Yiquan, "Intent Fist." If you think about your grocery list and you notice that you got distracted, don’t continue thinking about the chores you have left to do. Whatever the stance, you should be able to develop "grounding" or "rooting" to the maximum extent afforded by that stance. The knees should slightly push outward. Remember that your arms can come down to be in front of your lower belly. There are no recognisable external movements, although it is a highly energetic exercise system. Anyone can practice the standing meditation. Make a circle where you go up on the left and down on the right. It is best to practice this meditation in the morning. If you feel stressed or anxious, or you are tired all the time, you can benefit from this meditation. The standing meditation which is called zhan zhuang in Chinese, also means the standing pillar. Roll back your shoulders and open up your chest. Zhan Zhuang as a fundamental exercise for internal martial arts First of all, Zhan Zhuang is very helpful to condition the body into the correct postural alignment. You can even check your different body parts and when you feel tension, focus on relaxing those muscles. For example, if you work a lot at a desk on your computer such as businessmen, entrepreneurs, secretaries, authors, ok a lot of people , than you spend hours each day hunched over. When your thoughts start going all over the place, bring back your awareness to your breath and your qi. Don’t worry if this happens to you, this is normal if you feel the same. Let us now take a brief look at the origins and development of the form of qigong on which we are concentrating in this work, zhan Zhuang or "Standing Pole" exercises. Then, you can try to do it a couple minutes longer, little by little. But don’t use this as an excuse not to try it. Truth be told, standing meditation can be boring and painful. This method will help to teach your body to have a correct posture, which will help with the pain. Obviously a lower, more erect posture limits a practitioner to around four minutes. So, I had to check quite often that I was tucking in my tailbone. “Washing” the face and the taps will not only help to bring your qi back to the surface, to make it easier to reenter your daily life, but also to nourish yourself. Little by little, you will see that it’s easier to be here in the now. Qigong, known as Zhan zhuang (ZZ), is a martial art that changed my life. It is a meditation that permits you to heal your body and to strengthen it at the same time. It’s important to relax the body as much as possible so that your Qi may circulate correctly. ... We at Shaolin Wahnam also perform the horse-riding stance with our hands outstretched. You can do bigger taps over your arms and legs. In the basic Horse-Riding stance, the hands are held in fists at the waist on both sides. But the Chinese practitioners of the martial arts often use a standing Zen devised to reinforce the person's inner power and to enable him to generate sudden, violent bursts of energy. Now, you can warm up your hands by rubbing them together. If my posture wasn’t good or I was tensing up sometimes because of stress, like clenching my jaw too much, it showed me directly where was the issue. Watch the video to help you get into the proper standing position. We call it “Lohan Carrying Water”. Yiquan's method of study is Zhan zhuang plus movements that continue the feeling of the Standing Post in action. The word zhanzhuangalone refers to a wider range of ‘posture practice’ of which wuji zhanzhuangis the base and essence2. At one point, when I was practicing, I started feeling a tingling but also a pins and needles sensation in my arms and hands. However in the standard practice of Zhan Zhuang, it is only an advanced option, and is best done only under the supervision of an experienced master teacher.

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